Branding & Packaging

Kanvas is a brand and packaging concept created for the 2016 Design Bridge D&AD New Blood Brief.

The Brief: Within branded packaging, the beauty category is among the most clichéd. Why do men’s personal care products look like power tools, whilst women’s remain delicate and ultra feminine? The world has moved on. Create a new-to-world, accessible, mass-market beauty brand that breaks established category codes.

Featured on The Dieline.

Concept, Design, Art Direction, Photography


Within branded packaging, the beauty category is among the most clichéd. And within this, branded packaging for kids is the worst.

Kanvas is a brand concept aimed at breaking down gender stereotypes and beauty stigmas from the roots: with kids. Kanvas promotes gender neutral products that promote self-expression, originality and creativity.


"Boys don’t wear nail polish"

Even now in 2016, a time where generations are becoming more and more accepting, there is still a negative stigma when it comes to boys wearing nail polish. But why is this? When it comes down to it, nail polish is just paint for your fingers. Paint and color are not limited to one gender, so why is nail polish? It’s just another form of self-expression, after all.

This idea is the basis of Kanvas.



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